“And I’m…Link”

Sorry, Hairspray’s on. Sing-a-long version…it’s really infectious.

Anyway, SF’s still cold and (no offense) but continually giving me reasons to believe that NYC is the only city that actually knows how to conduct mass transit. And in writing that sentence I realize I’ve become that typical NY snob. Aw well, there are worse things. Like dysfunctional mass transit and ignorant cab drivers.

Otherwise, Fisherman’s Wharf provided ample entertainment for the afternoon. Ghiradelli Square presented great people watching (obviously a favorite pasttime – don’t pretend you don’t love it, too), a satisfiable (though not quite Le Madeleine level) cup of coffee, and a great square of chocolate. Great afternoon but I am just about ready to get back to NY. I have accepted that I’ll be living on the couch for the next few days with puffy cheeks and froyo courtesy of Oral Surgery. Yay wisdom teeth? Visitors welcome!

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