About Ali


{Photo by Edwin Torres}

{Photo by Edwin Torres}

Ali Vitali is an NBC News Embed covering Donald Trump and the Republican Party. On the ground, nearly every day since July of 2015, she lived every twist of the 2016 race in real time, reporting it for NBC News online and on-air.

Her past lives include producing for Krystal Clear (livestreaming on Shift by msnbc) and The Cycle on MSNBC.  She has written on politics, feminism, millennial news, and pop culture with her words featured on msnbc.com and Sweet Lemon Magazine.

Ali is a Tulane alumni with a propensity for typing in ALL CAPS and a passion for live-tweeting press conferences. One of her favorite boasts is that she has memorized, and will perform on occasion, the full music video dance to Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend.” Though she will never live up to Taran Killam’s excellence in this endeavor, she probably won’t stop trying. Head over to the side bar on your right for a taste of all her work.

Follow Ali Vitali on Twitter and Instagram @alivitali. Also on Snapchat, avitali.

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