Aloha, Hawaii

I sit here writing this post cup of coffee in hand, cushioned lounge chair under me, sea-scented breeze running through my hair and into my nose, and one of the most perfect scenes sprawling in front of me.

This brings me to the aloha/aloha dilemma brought up so eloquently by Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality.” If you haven’t seen it – do, but don’t bother with the second one. Anyway, when I say “aloha” this time I mean it in the goodbye sense. I’m using the post as just one more reason to put off packing in hopes that maybe I’ll put it off long enough that I’ll happen to miss my flight and, damn, we’ll have to stay for another day. I’ve never been so lucky so I don’t expect to start now but hey, I’m open to it.

This past week has been, in one word, relaxing. Just what I needed before going home to an anxiously awaited removal of wisdom teeth, packing and pre-France mayhem. The soundtrack of waves remixed with the BroBible Summer Playlist (yes, I said it) was all my ears were privvy to and the most movement I did, save for my Day 1 run to scope out the resort, was flip myself over to avoid an uneven tan – which was a successful operation.

Aloha, readers. Next post from San Francisco.

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