How to: Have a great day (without even really trying)

I feel the need to start with these next 5 words that will make you smile, because they were an integral ingredient to my current – dare I say – happy mood. “I really like being with you.” It’s simple, it’s not over done, it’s not even overly clingy! They’re just five words that, let’s face it, we all love to be surprised with. Whether it be from a boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend, a new acquaintance, it’s nice to know that we’ve done our job of being fun and likable without even realizing it, or without even particularly trying.

These five words topped off what could be one of the more fulfilling days I’ve had in Aix thus far – being that I felt successful having just finished a full semester of classes, all in French! Felicitations AUCPers! I then wound my way to Crêpes-A-GoGo (milles mercis à Florian) where Christy, Jamie and I celebrated the real beginning of the real end of our time here in Aix. What better way than with crêpes? I then found myself at Belle Epoque for 2 hours as I had my last farewell martini(s) with Prater who leaves France on Sunday for the good ol’ US of A. (See you at Mardi Gras, kid!) And as I sat there in BE, topping off two martini blancs with a café (espresso), I realized that it’s a million little things, little smiles, little phrases, little successes that create those days that seem, just, well, great. And for me, today was – inadvertently – just that.

On to finals! Womp womp. That was a downer.

Chipmunk cheeks here!

And, yes, I’m talking about my face. It’s been 4 days (of hell) since I got my wisdom teeth removed and while it didn’t hurt at all during, I really and truly felt mislead. Once that numbing gel and Novacaine wears off – DAMN – it hurts. I had a friend who called me a few hours after her surgery asking if I wanted to go out “tonight” and as I laid on my couch I began to wonder if she was a robot, because there is really no way that’s possible. Really, Aliza, that’s impossible. Needless to say, I’ve been groggily laying (drooling/sleeping) on my couch for the better part of my last week in the US and am -.5% closer to being packed for my next 5 month’s abroad. (I unpacked from my Hawaii trip -somehow- and now just have empty suitcases and misplaced socks.) Always the acheiver. But I consider this post some small step out of my kodeine induced and prolonged stupor – I mean, if I can string ABC’s together, outfits might be next. Maybe. Probably not. Delusions are good medicine, too.

But really, the packing has to start sometime. And this swelling has definitely added a new twist to my French accent. By that I mean, I kind of talk with a lisp now. As if I weren’t worried about the language barrier before…I’m just hoping I won’t have to perform my well-rehearsed French explanation of why my host family looks to be housing a small rodent instead of a student.

On the plus side, I finished “Lost” Season 6 which means that I finished the entire series in one summer. Before you applaud this amazing feat, I should say that – as Suzy can attest to – there were some hard times on this road to success. I chose Jack over dinner, Sawyer over Tasti D-Lite and even Kate (that two faced little -) over IsaShakes (which you know I love). But now that it’s over I guess I have to move on to a new obsession, something else to be unhealthily attached to…and before you say pain pills, my prescription runs out in a day. Damn it. Next best thing: Pretty Little Liars! C-Fed, I blame you for this…