Chipmunk cheeks here!

And, yes, I’m talking about my face. It’s been 4 days (of hell) since I got my wisdom teeth removed and while it didn’t hurt at all during, I really and truly felt mislead. Once that numbing gel and Novacaine wears off – DAMN – it hurts. I had a friend who called me a few hours after her surgery asking if I wanted to go out “tonight” and as I laid on my couch I began to wonder if she was a robot, because there is really no way that’s possible. Really, Aliza, that’s impossible. Needless to say, I’ve been groggily laying (drooling/sleeping) on my couch for the better part of my last week in the US and am -.5% closer to being packed for my next 5 month’s abroad. (I unpacked from my Hawaii trip -somehow- and now just have empty suitcases and misplaced socks.) Always the acheiver. But I consider this post some small step out of my kodeine induced and prolonged stupor – I mean, if I can string ABC’s together, outfits might be next. Maybe. Probably not. Delusions are good medicine, too.

But really, the packing has to start sometime. And this swelling has definitely added a new twist to my French accent. By that I mean, I kind of talk with a lisp now. As if I weren’t worried about the language barrier before…I’m just hoping I won’t have to perform my well-rehearsed French explanation of why my host family looks to be housing a small rodent instead of a student.

On the plus side, I finished “Lost” Season 6 which means that I finished the entire series in one summer. Before you applaud this amazing feat, I should say that – as Suzy can attest to – there were some hard times on this road to success. I chose Jack over dinner, Sawyer over Tasti D-Lite and even Kate (that two faced little -) over IsaShakes (which you know I love). But now that it’s over I guess I have to move on to a new obsession, something else to be unhealthily attached to…and before you say pain pills, my prescription runs out in a day. Damn it. Next best thing: Pretty Little Liars! C-Fed, I blame you for this…

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