Retroactive Blogging: Spain Edition

I love how the word retroactive has made a comeback this political season. It makes it all the more appropriate to do things in your own time, and then say you did them when they actually should’ve been done. It is in that way I’m applying the term when it comes to my week spent in Spain, and the following 2 and a half weeks I spent in France this past June/July. So this blog is going back to its roots as an ablog – at least for a short, few posts.

I spent a week in Sevilla, Spain partly as a graduation present from my parents, partly as a traveling partner for Pange while we accompanied Alyssa over to her 5-week homestay in Spain. I don’t know how you have kids and don’t push them to go abroad, simply so you have the excuse to go yourself. It only seems fair. Pange knows this and has done a good job of giving herself an excuse to go lots of places (not that you need one!). Summer in Sevilla, as anyone will tell you, is insanely hot. But the heat didn’t keep us from seeing the sights. We voyaged out to Cordoba, Grenada, saw the Alhambra, gardens after gardens of Muslim influence, and finished each day off with a siesta, sangria, and paella. After all, when in Rome…

Pange even found the time to find her inner Pi Phi – sorry Lyss!

But one of the best parts about going was not feeling at all rushed to get to the next activity. A week in Sevilla was more than enough time to soak in the city and really get a feel for the rhythm of its day to day – also not feel bad when you need to take a break from the heat by just relaxing in a cafe with a glass of [insert wine-based beverage here]. That’s the best way to visit anywhere, and I frequently remember simply wanting to wander when I traveled abroad because that was the way we found some of the most memorable pieces of the cities we visited. And, of course, some of the more memorable moments come in the form of a well documented, ridiculous picture that you’re totally fine with in the moment and then realize, great, this is now on Facebook. And apparently on my blog. Eh, if I can’t laugh at it, everyone else will.

Karate kid?

All in all: Sevilla was amazing. Alyssa had an amazing time there and I think it would be a great place to go abroad and learn a language. Much like Aix, it had people that were willing to be patient with you but unlike Aix, it gave a little more of a big city vibe – though not big in the same sense that you’d describe a Madrid or Barcelona, where Alyssa will probably study next, and where I will probably find my next excuse to visit. Thanks, Lyss!

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