“A Tulane education now means a New Orleans education.”

I’ve always tried to explain to people just how integrated and involved Tulane is in the vibrant, unique community of New Orleans and this article now does it for me! It’s true that one of the best parts of my Tulane education was my NOLA education. By partnering with NGOs and Community Centers in class and working with Habitat for Humanity and literacy groups through Pi Beta Phi, Tulane educated me in more ways than just Political Science and Communications. It’s sappy and cliche but I learned about life outside the Tulane Bubble, and it was the University that promoted and pushed students to have that kind of invaluable experience. This article cuts to the core that a good college isn’t just where polls rank it – it’s about the feel. And this recent alum feels particularly nostalgic and proud to read about her school in such a positive light – especially when it’s written by a fellow alumni! ROLL WAVE!

“A Tulane education now means a New Orleans education.”

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