I swork out: a review of the SworkIt app

Through a series of events, aka Pinteresting at work, I came across a new app called SworkIt. Intrigued and always down for a tech-savvy way to track work outs and manipulate myself into going to the gym, I downloaded the free app.  After 45-minutes of cardio (#skinny), I tapped the icon for the first time. Upon opening it, you have the option to set how long you want your work out to  be and what kind of exercises you want to do to target a certain body area. For any yogis out there, the app also gives you the option to do certain yoga sequences, like the fan fave sun salutation. I opted for 10 minutes of core and 5 minutes of upper body because, truth be told, I am weak.

I clicked ‘Start’ and promptly began sworking out. A random assortment of movements were thrown at me. Pictures showed me how to do everything from standard push-ups and sit-ups to inch worms and and quadraplex. The pictures were really helpful for any moves I didn’t already know, but the 30 second timer didn’t really give me enough time to move between sequences, let alone look at the screen long enough to figure out what move I was supposed to be doing. After a two minutes, the app lets you rest for thirty seconds. Which is welcome because your mind is almost as tired as your body trying to keep up with this app’s speedy movement randomization.

Overall rating: B-. This app could be an awesome way to find new work out moves and time yourself while doing them (lip-synching to a remixed Kelly Clarkson anthem and counting push-ups is hard, after all). But the app speeds you through your exercises too quickly and you feel overly rushed between movements that you’re unsure whether your flailing around like an overturned ladybug or actually doing the movements. Also, the app’s timer overrides all music functions, so it’s hard to listen to your pump up jamz without switching back to your iPod app to turn your music on/off after every thirty second interval. I accepted defeat and instead lunged and crunched to the tune of my increasingly ragged breath. Again, I am weak. If the app makers work out these kinks, I am definitely willing to try again. Until then, I’m going to go wait and Icy Hot my entire body.

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