The Joys of Excelling (or at least attempting to)

As the first hour of this 25th day of January approaches, I find myself mindlessly clicking, combing and scanning my screen for any scrap of potentially pertinent research information. Oh, Howard Tilton, you are just too packed with overly wordy information. And I don’t mean that in a praiseful way. I mean you are REALLY over saturated with information. I feel like I’m one of those poorly cast characters in a Bing! commercial.

And so why, at 9 minutes to 1 in the morning am I searching for anything related to media, communication, politics, rhetoric or any keyword that would bring up a profitable search? Well readers, Honors Thesis season is upon us. Well, at least in its preliminary and base level stages. And after a fruitless search for any loop hole in the Tulane system to graduate with Honors sans thesis, I’m resigned to the idea that this may just be a very long semester and one where my recently bought “ALL NIGHTER MUG” (complete with “sleep is for the weak” slogan) will be getting a lot of play. On the positive side, I’ve made great strides already – but I guess that’s inevitable when you go from having no topic at all to a now pretty good idea. I would follow this with something tacky and proverbial: Rome wasn’t built in a day or some shit but honestly, I’m not trying to build Rome. And in fact, anyone who has used that as a qualifying or comforting proverb is just lying to themselves because that phrase applies to no real life situation because no one is trying to rebuild Rome. Hmm, Rome…think I could create something thesis-y and meaningful out of that? It might require a trip back, ya know, for research purposes…I’m gonna have to think about this (again).

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