Happy Twenty-11!

Well, another one bites the dust! And as I look back, I always have trouble labeling years to be completely good or completely bad. It wasn’t always that way, though…for instance, I’ve always felt it safe to say that the better half of 2008 didn’t really go my way, but if I finished semi-strong can I still say it was a “Bad Year”? It’s a collection. And so, when I think on my collection from 2010, I can’t help but think of what seemed to have defined it: a constant movement, this rolling like a rock (with intense speed!) type of image as I made my way across the world and back again. January I started in New York, a few days later New Orleans, Spring Break in our own little “Southern Riviera,” back to New Orleans, back to New York, and then it got interesting. Hawaii, Paris, then Aix, Munich, Aix, Barcelona, Aix, Paris, Aix, Milan, Florence, Rome, Aix, Prague, Aix, Amsterdam, Aix, Paris, HOME – all in time to finish 2010 just where I started. Now for those of you who think “was it truly necessary to list everywhere you’ve been, in the order in which you did it?” and I say, well, yes. And I did it for a reason: not only to show how and why I will be so happy to spend more than 4 days in one place for a little while but also to show, life is cyclic. Or at least 2010 was for me. A year of travel and experiences, and I end up back in my own little bed. Not bad, eh? I’d say: good year.

But wait: what’s this I hear? 2010 was termed bad by the Judging Powers that be? They also say 2011 should be “promising”? Hmm…OK I have to ask, how does one tell if a year looks to be promising? And better yet, is the year 2010 put it at a distinct disadvantage because we spent some of its last minutes breaking the Guinness Book of World Records record in, erm, largest group of people fist pumping at one time? If so, then I have to say, we should be giving 2010 the benefit of the doubt. Sure, one could cite recession, joblessness, Wikileaks, ongoing wars, the economic tumble of countries like Greece and Ireland, and the death of Michael Jackson as negative contributing factors to the recently gone 2010, but we have to take some responsibility too, don’t we? Afterall, we helped Mike the Situation make over 5 million this year alone. We put the Vampire Diaries on the air (thank you, CW). We let Jodie Picoult continue writing novels (c’mon guys, The Pact? Really?) We almost let the Harry Potter Movies end! (Good call on splitting it between 2010/11 – that ensures 2011 some pre-determined “good” ratings) So when we think of “how bad” 2010 was, we have to consider that a lot of it was kiiiinda our own doing. As for the other stuff, I guess we can blame the cosmic gods that control the quality of our years – or Canada.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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