What I meant was: Day 2. As I sit here in the AUCP computer lab I find myself overcoming yet another obstacle – a different arrangement of letters on the keyboard. Aut§ — I mean Zut! M has replaced L, Q has replaced A and I am left very confused. So excuse any and all spelling errors in these few sentences that took me forever to write. While hip hop might have saved Lupe, the only hope for my Internet is an ever-so-hard-to-buy/find WiFi Stick (pronounced wee-fee, here in France). Thus, I remain disconnected for another day. Oh the difficulties of equivalent technology in Europe…

When I took the TGV here a little over a week ago, I was filled with apprehension, fear of the unknown and hundreds of questions piling up in my throat and stifled back down by a barrier of language. And so to quiet my mounting fears I did what any normal 20-yr old would do: asked a question and hoped for the next song on my iPod to provide the answer. The wonder of Shuffle… And so I asked with great sincerity: Will I be O.K.? The gods responded with the song “Keep It Together” by Guster. (I know some of you are judging my music taste right now.) I was cal,ed -albeit not by much- by the answer I received and I thought it made sense. I was, afterall, talking to my iPod. But in another way, I got the answer I was looking for: “Im singing a new song now” in a new place with a new language and new friends. So its true, I need to keep it together through these first few weeks of crazy keyboards and new words and foods. And for me, with my first day of classes in session, ”everything starts today.”

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