“You were at a luau?”

Yes. Mai tai in hand, lei around neck and clad in a too-trendy-for-a-luau onesie I found my seat at one of the 50+ round tables spread across the “Royal Luau Grounds.” There was pig, steak, fish and some translucent noodles that tasted like chicken but I still can’t quite figure out why. Everything was, as they say here, “ono” – good. Then the show started. Hula dancing from miles away and ages ago. And then the interactive portion…*sigh*

Most people who know me, know this is my luck. So when the Samoan hula dancer approached me with his leafy skirt and glistening pecs and asked me if I would “like to dance,” I accepted, but didn’t realize this would culminate with an actual on stage, in the spotlight experience. I instantly regretted not making more use of the open bar. All in all, definitely a great experience – impromptu dance party included. Secret tip: it’s not actually all in the hips – it’s in the ankles. I know, I felt I had been lied to all my life too – partly by my dance teachers and partly by Shakira. Next time I’ll be ready.

And as a sidenote! Molly Kaplan left for Costa Rica today! Ah! Have an amazing time, Mol-pop. Hope you brushed up on your parseltongue so you can make friends with all the snakes 🙂 

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