rootless in hawaii

I am the luckiest homeless person in the world.

I should clarify: I feel homeless with the amount of place hopping done in this one month of August. From NYC to the consistent bore of the suburbs, from surprisingly chilly San Francisco to the sound of palm leaves in the breeze of the Big Island, my roots have been torn from the ground. The month then finishes in, I think, the greatest finale known to me: a five month stay in Aix-en-Provence, France. A place to lay down temporary roots, bond with a new family, new friends, new destinations and landmarks. I feel the month’s last journey overseas is, in a way, overshadowed in my mind by all the mindless tasks that go along with travel. The robotic pack, unpack, rinse and repeat has cluttered my mind more with questions of how many pairs of socks do I bring? than what are the top 5 places I have to go, without question, when abroad? I’ll get back to you on that one – the places, not the socks. I already know I need at least 8 pairs…

Eventually, the travel winds will lay me down right back where I started – but until then, I’m going to take some good ol’ country advice and put my toes in the water. The water looks delicious this morning and I’m just about done looking at it and I’m ready to dive-in. Life is good today, life is good today.

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