You gotta do what you love

I take a lot of notes in my phone. And tonight, as I was coming off another night shift, I found this one:

You find the thing that you love and you love them the best that you can.

Now, because I didn’t jot down where this came from – I’m unsure of the “them” in this scenario. Because I’m a hopeless romantic of sorts I like to think it’s about a person. But what makes this post relevant in my mind is reading “them” as “it.”

It is that it’s important to do what you love. When you do things with passion, you’ll do them to the best of your ability. In other words, you’ll do them well.

And at times, like Monday, when news is breaking and it’s getting ever-later, and the information coming in seems bleaker and bleaker with each update, the most important thing is to be doing what you love with other people who also love it. To me, it seems impossibly unsustainable otherwise.

Apparently, being 20-something doesn’t mean you’re a hot mess

“The more you live as a 20-something, the more you find out it’s not that different than any other age. You just have less money.”

Apparently, being 20-something doesn’t mean you’re a hot mess. But it does lend to my theory that broke is the new black.