Millennials asked to fork over $250 for campaign event 3/24/15
Team McConnell: High fundraising, low approval 7/11/13
Cost of gun control: Colorado state senator faces recall election
Carter’s grandson to run for Georgia governor 11/7/13
Weiner flak hurls expletives at former campaign intern
Guess who has a new job? Romney heads back to private sector
Delaware joins the gun control conversation
Harry Reid can’t ban the AR-15 — but Maryland might 9/13/13
–By the way, they’re going to fix those long voting lines 1/20/12

HBO’s ‘Girls’ offers a fresh take on abortion 2/25/15
Should frats be banned? 11/25/14 (corresponding segment from MSNBC’s Weekends With Alex Witt
Idealizing millennials is no more accurate than condemning them 2/21/13
The next social media campaign taking over your timeline 2/11/15

Original Reporting:
How #OccupyGezi built a hashtag army 6/3/13

On the Issues:
Stuck in ‘the pink aisle’? Toys that encourage girls to build 7/3/13
Watch out, Barbie: New doll makes ‘average’ beautiful 3/11/14

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